Rehabilitation is a Solution to Being Denied Entry to Canada

Canadian rehabilitation, what is it? The short answer is rehabilitation is the name of a process that some people who are ineligible to enter Canada must go through in order to receive permission to enter Canada.

Canadian Rehabilitation – A Multi-Part Problem

This website is dedicated to providing the long answer to this question, and beginning at the beginning. In a five-part series, we cover all aspects of the problem of being inadmissible; i.e. not being allowed to enter, Canada and the various solutions to that problem that depend upon the circumstances, usually criminal convictions, that results in board officials in Canada from turning people away who seek entry.

In part one, we explain the whole idea of being admissible, or allowed entry into a country not your own. This can be a difficult concept for United States citizens who are used to freely coming and going across our northern border with Canada. Once we have introduced the idea of someone being inadmissible to Canada in part two we cover a list of specific reasons that person seeking entry into Canada are denied. With a complete description of the problem in abstract and illustrated with a specific examples, we move to explain in part three how one can be approved to enter Canada after the border authorities have determined that you are inadmissible. For some people with criminal problems the solution could be fairly simple. However, for people with more serious felony convictions, entry can be quite difficult, and involve the rehabilitation process. We discuss the process for solving entry problems arising from felonies in part four. Lastly, in part five we look at how entry issues can possibly be solved by seeking a high Canadian temporary residence permit.

To help you navigate the site, we have menus so that you know exactly where you are in the five-part series. Also, these are designed to help you read about the problem and solution in a linear manner. But, if you know exactly what you want to read about, you may also use and menus to skip to the exact part about which you would like to read.

Denied Entry to Canada – Real Stories

In addition to providing this multipart review of the issue and the problem, we also have a blog section in which we cover stories of real people that have the problem of admission into Canada. Some people have traveled far and wide to get to Canada before discovering that they are inadmissible. Some of these stories may serve as a reminder that the best way to find out if you will have a problem entering Canada is not when your mission is critical.

Denied Entry to Canada – Real Advice and Solutions

Of course, besides providing general information about the issues and the solution, this website provides the service of alerting you to the availability of professional help if you need help entering Canada after you have been denied entry, or believe that you will be denied entry based on your criminal conviction and the information provided here. is a service of Immigration Law of Montana, P.C., a full-service law firm located in Eastern Montana by Billings. Immigration Law of Montana, P.C. has successfully assisted people to enter Canada after they were refused admission.

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